Visual storytellers bring to light what others have not yet seen. More than ever, these times of great change demand new visions and new possibilities. The MIAP Story Tree illustrates how natural cycles are all around us.

About MIAP

Our mission is to create new perspectives on relevant social issues by supporting visual stories through facilitating the artists.

We enable and stimulate cross overs and collaborations so that they can reach their full potential and build a network of visual storytellers and different expertise within the relationship between human and nature.

MIAP will focus it’s support for the coming years on the social issue of the interconnectedness between humans and nature.  Social stories around this theme will be shown at: www.futureofnature.nl

What we do:

    • Support visual artists through a work grant and a 6-month program to help the projects reach full potential.
    • Stimulate, search, advice and fund new cross-overs and collaborations, preferably outside the art and photography world.
    • Facilitate a community of social engaged visual artists who empower each other

We believe:

    • We need art and imagination to show us how we can understand the world around us.
    • That building a strong network of visual artists is key to reach different audiences and empower the role they have in civil society.
    • New collaborations and cross-overs can bring new perspectives and help change existing systems.

How we work:

    • The coming years we will focus around the theme The Future of Nature. All work that is centralized on our relationship with nature and how we can shape the future in a new connection.
    • We select social engaged visual artists who are talented and passionate to make impact with their work.
    • We set up a 6-month program where we bring in experts from different fields to work on storytelling tools.
    • In this program we help think out of the box regarding new networks, platforms and collaborations.
    • We create a fun, inspiring and inclusive workspace to get the best out of collective thinking.

MIAP will challenge the selected artists:

    • on knowing your position in relation to the social issue
    • which audience to reach to make impact,
    • how to develop a core message and a storyline
    • why your work has to be seen
    • what form is best to present and show the work.

We challenge both promising and existing ideas. Besides, we inspire visual artists to collaborate, share and exchange knowledge with their peers, artists from other disciplines as well as experts and thinkers from diverse worlds.

What we have done before

MIAP has helped more than 50 visual artists the past 8 years, by giving out work grants and collective programs where the artists work on a same theme and are helped with a range of different experts to help their work connect with new networks and insights.

Experience has shown that visual stories projects require extensive preparation, entrepreneurial skills, collaboration, research and creative thinking.

Message in a Photo was created from this need, and offers opportunities that are lacking in other environments that artists find themselves in. By rewarding annual grants, setting up extensive programmes with guest speakers and workshops, one-on-one guidance, fostering collaboration and opening up MIAP’s own network to the artists it supports, the foundation tries to give the social stories a change for broader audience and more impact.

Below you find the list of visual artists that have received support from MIAP. We cherish the relationship we have developed with them and hope to build a community feeling where a mutual understanding of how you can build and show important visual stories of social issues to a defined public, so impact can be made on new perspectives. Most of the artists are still in contact with MIAP and are always open to help with advice.

Thanks to all artists below for your courage, determination and empathy to connect us to issues we need to address.


Tina Farifteh; project about empathy.



    • Sarah Mei Hermans; 5 portretten van mensen met anorexia voor Stichting Kiem. https://stichtingkiem.nl
    • Elspeth Diederix; Seeds. 5 foto’s voor permanente tentoonstelling Groote Museum Artis

2020 – 2021:




We are curators; Photogenie.

MIAP selected a group of 6 students to set up a new social media platform through Instagram and a blog site. This platform offers an accessible medium for young people to inspire, create awareness, engage and connect on social issues through visual stories.

Charlie Ubbens / Isa Fernandez Reumann / Myrthe Peek / Noura Oul Fakir / Rita Bolieiro  / Rebecca Slee 



2016: Fellowship


2014 theme Water with partners FOTODOK and UNSEEN: