PhotoGenie is a platform powered by Message In A Photo, that offers young adults a medium to get inspired and gain awareness about relevant social topics. Society, the world around us and our own assumptions are questioned in constant visual research. What do we see,...

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MIAP’S Visual Story Curators

MIAP has expanded! We are proud to announce we have found six motivated students to work with us on developing our platform! Our aim is to create a new accessible platform that offers a medium for young adults to get inspired as well as create awareness about relevant...

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MIAP is looking for you!

MIAP is looking for you! MIAP is expanding. In this video, Charlie and Diane discuss MIAP's successes so far and describe why we need you in order to expand. Are you a good communicator, a team-player and do you enjoy doing research? Do you have a positive and...

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Act now!

WHY DO WE NEED YOU? Our aim is to create a new accessible platform that offers a medium for young adults to get inspired as well as create awareness about relevant social topics. The platform should trigger the audience to adopt a critical attitude towards today’s...

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MIAP Fellowship 2016

In September 2016 the MIAP Fellowship took place. This fellowship was tailor made to give the selected fellows ideas and tools to take their visual project to the next level. MIAP invited experts and thinkers to join the fellows. These experts and thinkers were...

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Anne Geene’s Little Water Almanac

Anne Geene (NL, 1983) collected, studied and captured the water that surrounds us in all its aspects and appearances. She discovered the best place to live in the Netherlands when it comes to the cheapest drinking water; researched the microscopic life in it; how to...

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Machine – Marie-José Jongerius

Our relationship to nature – and how we try to shape and control it – is an important theme for Marie-José Jongerius (NL, 1970). Her interest in water lies in the fact that, while it is vital to our existence, we take its presence and availability for granted. The...

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Treasure of the Bee – Nina Kopp

How will we feed the growing population? That’s one of the main questions of our time. One of the hardest workers in agriculture is often forgotten in this debate: the bee. Yet it is responsible for approximately one third of our food. Without pollination, there would...

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Food – Henk Wildschut

Few subjects generate as much discussion as that of food. And such discussion is increasingly marked by suspicion and pessimism about how our food is produced. In 2013, Henk Wildschut (NL, 1967) was invited to make an in-depth study on the subject of Food for the...

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Sistaaz of the Castle – Jan Hoek | Duran Lantink

This joint project by artist/photographer Jan Hoek (NL, 1984) and fashion designer Duran Lantink (NL, 1987) was inspired by the colourful looks of the transgender sex workers who roam the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Together, Hoek and Latink created a series...

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