Brothers Tyler and Sebastian enjoy delicious Javanese-Surinamese dishes from their grand mom in a garden community called a “kampong’. This community brings back old memories and through the sharing the food, hidden stories  from the past come back to life.

Sebastian Koudijzer (1993, Nederland)
‘I grew up as a half-blood, a child from different races. An outdated therm that has often been used to identify me as person. As a child I was surrounded with 2 great-grandmothers, 2 grandfathers, 3 grandmothers and uncountable aunts and uncles, only from my Javanese side of the family. My work is an attempt to bring the disappearing traditions, values and spirituality back into my own reality. The camera functions as an exploration tool, in search of the nostalgic feeling of: Gotong Royong*.’

* Gotong = carrying a burden using one’s shoulder, Royong = together or communally.