What happens when 6 visual artists envision new perspectives on nature?

Proudly presenting the multimedia stories of the future of nature collective. The stories are interactive and function as teasers to spark conversations and start new collaborations.

In July 2020 MIAP Foundation set up an open call for visual artists based in the Netherlands to submit their proposal regarding a visual perspective on how nature and humans interrelate. Out of more than one hundred submissions, six artists were selected to take part in the Future of Nature grantees programme.

From an underground network of mycelium to European eco-corridors; from a pigment garden in virtual reality to a road trip from the perspective of a wolf. And not to forget: ancient agricultural breeds and the importance of an almost extinct delicate blue butterfly.

These stories show us how nature is not something humans can or should control – how nature is part of us and we are part of nature.

Let’s connect and discuss new perspectives and collaborations with visual artists for a future where nature has a place at the table. It all starts with imagination….