Public benefit institution name: Stichting Message in a Photo – MiaP Foundation (“MiaP”)
Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number: 34150641
Dutch tax registration number (RSIN): 8099.78.362
Contact details:
Oud Over 156,
3632 VH Loenen aan de Vecht,
The Netherlands,

D.E. (Diane) van der Marel – chairman
M. (Martijn) Baarda – secretary
E.J.A (Edward) van der Marel – treasurer
C.C. (Carine) Voshaar – member
H. (Hanneke) Propitius – member

Policy Plan summary
MiaP was established on April 27th 2012 and has its registered office in Loenen aan de Vecht. MiaP’s policy is aimed at supporting and promoting the work of talented photographers about socially relevant themes and bring them to the attention of a wide audience. In its articles of association is written the following:

(1) to provide financial support to talented photographers,
(2) to promote a common platform for debate on social topics and
(3) to support charities and good causes that make a difference.

MiaP expects to spend on average approximately €50.000 – 100.000 per year on its objectives. It takes a pro active approach, which means that MiaP makes its own selection for potential grantees. MiaP is private and independent; it does not seek donations of funds.
MiaP receives a periodic gift from an associated foundation under a long term agreement. MiaP spends its full yearly income on donations to grantees and on the operating costs incurred.
MiaP’s articles of association establish that it is a not-for-profit organisation and that in the event of its dissolution any any credit balance will be paid to a public benefit organisation with similar objectives.