We are looking for English-speaking students that want to help develop a platform focused on creating awareness amongst young adults through visual storytelling!

Are you ready to work with us or do you need more information? Make sure to read the following paragraphs!

Our mission is to create awareness about relevant social topics through visual storytelling. We believe visual storytelling has the power to reach and engage broad audiences; spark conversations; bridge different cultures and beliefs; and create empathy and awareness. However, to accomplish this we need you!


Successful projects require extensive preparation, business and marketing insights, collaboration, intelligent arguments and creative thinking. For this, we need you! Our aim is to create an accessible platform that offers a medium for young adults to get inspired as well as create awareness about relevant social topics. The platform should trigger the audience to adapt a critical attitude towards today’s society, get socially involved and be open-minded. We want to stimulate stories that spark conversations. However, before this idea can get form, we need a team that helps build and develop this platform.


Within a team of approximately four students, titled Visual Story Curators, you will have weekly meetings in Amsterdam during the month of March 2019 in which you and your colleagues will brainstorm and eventually come to a plan that will be launched in April 2019. From the launch onwards you and your team members will re-deliver content and continue developing the platform for another four months. This is the try-out phase. Your hours will be very flexible: work includes doing research, writing, pitching your ideas and brainstorming within your team.


As Visual Story Curators, you are expected to re-deliver inspiring content in the right tone-of-voice. You will help create a platform that will bring about a new movement. For doing this, you will be paid €400,- a month. In March, weekly meetings will be held. During the try-out phase (April-July) you will continue working for the same salary. Besides this, we offer an inspiring work climate in which we value your presence and qualities. You are able to join the pioneers phase of a new platform that allows you bring along all your creative thoughts, passions and ideas. Moreover, during our meetings a number of trainings will be offered. This job will therefore not just enhance the skills you already have, but also challenge you to develop skills you might not (yet) master!


Please send an email containing a letter of motivation and your resume to info@miap.nl and we might invite you for an interview!


Message in a Photo (MIAP) is a private Dutch foundation that was established in 2013 by Diane van der Marel. We challenge both nascent and existing ideas and we inspire visual storytellers to collaborate, share and exchange knowledge with their peers, artists from other disciplines, and experts and thinkers from diverse worlds. If you want more information, please visit our website!