What does it mean to have a doppelgänger, a spiritual double or a twin? Or do we all have digital doubles of ourselves today, whether we want it or not? 

The interactive installation The Space in Between Us explores the often concealed spaces between seemingly clear entities. These can be spaces in between human and machine, privacy and surveillance, the self and the other, the observer and the observed or our real bodies and digital representations.  

This work commissioned by IDFA DocLab combines two projects by different artists into one installation: the multimedia photography project Land of Ibeji by Benedicte Kurzen and Sanne De Wilde and the interactive installation Panopticon by Tong Wu and Barak Chamo. Together they invite audiences to question their own unique existence.  

Take a look at the DocLab: Exhibition of 2019. The annual DocLab Exhibition showcases around 30 installations and interactive projects, including the projects selected for the competition. Over the course of eleven days, audiences are invited to discover the latest interactive documentaries, explore immersive installations and play with some of today’s most exciting new technologies.