MIAP has expanded! We are proud to announce we have found six motivated students to work with us on developing our platform! Our aim is to create a new accessible platform that offers a medium for young adults to get inspired as well as create awareness about relevant social topics. The platform should trigger the audience to adopt a critical attitude towards today’s society, get socially involved and be open-minded. We want to stimulate stories that spark conversations. The coming months we’ll come up with ideas and plans during our weekly meetings. Make sure to stay tuned for updates and developments!
So, without further ado, our Visual Story Curators:
Myrthe (22) is a Liberal Arts and Sciences student, specialised in Cultural Anthropology and Sustainable Development. She is an enthusiastic team-player and very interested in documentary photography and visual ethnography. She hopes to apply her knowledge of social development topics to visual media with the use of a context-dependent and cultural relativist approach.

Rebecca (23) is a visual storyteller. She is currently graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. In her work, she is sending and creating visual messages about social subjects. She has a great interest in social media and its new visual language. She is in search for interesting perspectives and visualizes them through photography and/or film.

Rita (22) is currently doing a Master in Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University and before that she graduated in Artistic Studies at the University of Lisbon. Her main interests are visual arts, literature, exploring and spending time in nature, especially in the ocean. She would say she has a special talent in photography, debating, coming up with puns and solving riddles.

Noura (23) is currently doing a master in Sociology: Contemporary Social Problems at the University of Utrecht. Before that, she did a bachelor in Fashion & Management at the AMFI. Contemporary social problems are centred around three main themes: culture, social inequality and cohesion. Within these themes, she is particularly interested in the way different cultures live together in a multicultural society, gender, intersectionality and feminism (in the Middle East).

Isa (20) is in the second year of a bachelors in Media and Information (with Honours) at the University of Amsterdam. In her studies, she has taken courses ranging from film to media histories, media theory and visual rhetoric. Isa is a creative and quick thinker, an honest person, a very dedicated learner and she loves art in all forms (music, literature, film, dance etc.). She is deeply invested in socio-political and cultural discourse.

Max (22) recently graduated from University College Utrecht, a Liberal Arts and Sciences college where he specialised in European law with a minor in economics. He is currently working at WeTransfer as a junior Legal Counsel until he starts his masters at the Rotterdam School of Management. Besides his academic interests, he enjoys art house cinema, music and football.

Charlie (22) is currently studying Art History at Leiden University. She is especially interested in photography. Over the past months, she has helped establish the present team of VSCs, Charlie is now MIAP’s Visual Story Curator’s student team leader. Apart from her studies, her interests lie within management and marketing regarding the art world.

Intrigued, interested or curious? You can reach us by sending us an email to visualstorycurators@miap.nl