We are excited to announce that MIAP has started a new open call for early career NL-based visual artists.

As last year we will focus the whole program around the theme The Future of Nature.

MIAP is seeking new, innovative and intuitive approaches towards nature and our behavior around our natural world. To do this we can not only rely on science, business and politics. We need imagination to help us visualize different perspectives on how to work with nature instead of against it.

This is why MIAP invites 5 NL-based visual artists to work on their projects by providing a work grant and a 6 month program where different experts will help to get to the core of what you want to tell and show.

We encourage different minds, cultures and visions to come together and share their perspectives to build new relationships around the theme and each other.

We will support 5 visual artists with:
• 3.000 euro work grant.
• 6 month development program with different experts.
• collective online workspace with your fellow grantees.
• Connecting your project to different platforms and the possibility of getting it produced.

Go to the open call ‘FUTURE OF NATURE’ MIAP GRANT PROGRAM 2021