PhotoGenie is a platform powered by Message In A Photo, that offers young adults a medium to get inspired and gain awareness about relevant social topics. Society, the world around us and our own assumptions are questioned in constant visual research. What do we see, why do we see it this way and how did we establish these thoughts? We aim to trigger the audience to adopt a critical attitude towards today’s society, to get socially involved and to become open-minded. PhotoGenie wants to stimulate stories that spark conversations! It is necessary to include young generations in social and visual storytelling.

 Young adults are the future, their opinions are likely to become the general opinion within years. Additionally, young adults have a flexible position in society: they often do not have a permanent, defined place in the social space yet. They can bring about change! PhotoGenie wants to raise awareness in an appealing, open and fun way that suits the digital age and the needs of a younger group of spectators.

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